The Sands' House

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One of the oldest houses in Annapolis, MD, the Sands House has been Old Sands' House owned and occupied by one family for over 237 years. It is a repository of things left behind by six generations of Sands descendants, from colonial to present-day Annapolis, and offers a tangible record of a family and times gone by.

You will be welcomed to the Sands House by Ann Jensen, great-great-great-great-granddaughter of John and Ann Sands who bought the house in 1771. She will tell you of the Sands and their descendants and their life in Annapolis with the help of three centuries of furniture, household items, and personal effects her ancestors left behind. Sands Stairs

During your visit you'll:

And, above all, enjoy your walk through history at the Sands’ House.

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